China Matsuoka Uncensored Leaked Porn

China Matsuoka, a beautiful girl AV actress with a baby face and big breasts. There must be a lot of boys who have been indebted to her beautiful face and beautiful breasts.

When I was delusional that I could see such a popular porn star in an uncensored porn video without mosaics, I was surprised when the uncensored video leaked out!

This time, I tried to summarize China Matsuoka’s uncensored AV videos!

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China Matsuoka Profile

Born April 16, 1994. She is from Fukuoka. Fukuoka girls are so cute and have big boobs. Debuted from her agency called BKpromotion.

Prior to her AV actress debut, she had debuted as a nude gravure idol from Playboy Weekly.

She recognizes that her personality is quite boring. At first she shows a lot of interest, but she seems to cool down soon. She also has her own hobbies, like going to cafes like a girl. This one seems to go on and on without getting tired. Her special skill is “being able to fall asleep anywhere.”

Uncensored leaked AV video of China Matsuoka

This is a review of the original work of the leaked video where you can see China Matsuoka’s erotic play without mosaic. Her 241-minute blockbuster is her second film since her debut as a porn star.

The first entanglement is that China Matsuoka in uniform is given a naughty extracurricular class by her teacher. Her checkered red high school skirt looks great on you. Pure white panties protrude from her skirt, and when you turn it over, you can see her slightly hairy pussy! She’s already wet with horny juice, and she’s enduring with her embarrassed face when she spreads her crotch. She is naughty and cute.

When the actor stood up before long, the fully erected penis was in front of China Matsuoka’s eyes. She looks embarrassed, but China-chan, who serves with a fellatio, is very sexy and cute. Fucking after rubbing the dick on the big breasts that protrude from her uniform. After all, paizuri looks good on big breasts.

Eventually, to sex while wearing a uniform. The anal that peeks out from her skirt looks very tight and obscene. China Matsuoka seems to be insanely comfortable with a thick cock being pushed in.

The next scene is sex with her wearing a yukata. The neat and clean impression of the yukata is getting more and more exposed, and the big breasts and narrow waist are very impressive.

It’s a pity that the yukata was completely exposed at the end, but the naked body of Tina-chan is very impressive.

There is also an outdoor exposure scene, and it is the first time for China Matsuoka to be naked outside. In the exposure scene while worrying about her glance, you can see that she is embarrassed but excited, demonstrating her pervertedness.

Furthermore fellatio in the outdoors. There is no doubt that it will become an erection binging with a cute face and a lewd appearance, boldly sucking on a man’s thick cock.

The content is irresistible, the gap between her innocent appearance throughout the whole story and the fact that she reacts to sex despite it. It is recommended because it is a perfect work for China Matsuoka fans and S boys who want to tease a little!

Title First time China Matsuoka
VR video duration 241 minutes
Product number

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