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Kurea Hasumi VR recommendation 1st place


This is the best version of VR released by KMP by Kurea Hasumi.

Eight works are summarized in about 30 minutes each, and it will be a reference for future side selection.

The feature of this work is that you can see various Claire Hasumi because of the variety of genres.

The best erotic body and too erotic play are very impressive!

Detailed review articles can be seen on the following pages.

Kurea Hasumi VR recommendation 2nd place

VR Title: Glans Stimulation Specialty Premature Ejaculation Improvement Clinic Relentlessly Teasing Repeated Ji Po Training Program Attending Doctor: Kurea Hasumi
It is a VR that is impatient from Kurea Hasumi to improve premature ejaculation.

Even though he has a calm expression, what he does is very vulgar.

Starting with a feather touch, I will blame you with glans torture and rolling handjob.

The ending is driven by the stake driving piston at the woman on top posture.

The last is a handjob, the long-awaited one-shot ejaculation finish.

Even if it’s not premature ejaculation, it’s a hell of a stop full of dirty words that makes you want to get it right away.

The content is irresistible for men who are super masochistic.

Kurea Hasumi VR recommendation 3rd place

VR Title: If You’re Shiko, An Erotic Older Sister Appears And Stakeout Piston Cowgirl

When I was masturbating with an erotic image, suddenly appeared Mr. Kurea Hasumi, an AV actress.

She suddenly starts playing in black lewd underwear.

She doesn’t have any extra conversation, and she’s just being blamed by her Kurea Hasumi.

She is stopped many times with her handjob and blowjob, and at the end she cums the accumulated sperm all at once!

The intensity of the play gradually rises, and the eroticism increases in proportion to the mood.

It’s a very immersive VR, so even if you shoot it once, you’ll be revived immediately!

Kurea Hasumi VR recommendation 4th place

Title: Direct hit on dangerous days even in VR! ! Soapland VR Where You Can Make Children Kurea Hasumi

Mr.michiru’s popular series “Danger day direct hit! Soapland where you can make children” is a VR version.

Kurea Hasumi thoroughly challenges procreation sex with bunny cosplay.

During the play, jargon pops out, and as a slutty AV actress, Kurea Hasumi’s top-class eroticism will be developed.

Titty fuck that makes full use of big tits that can not be imagined from a slim body and disgusting hips completely incapacitate a man.

Kurea Hasumi VR recommendation 5th place

VR title: Unpredictable seed squeezing press of the devil who keeps playing with men

It is a VR work that you can enjoy Kurea Hasumi’s technique.

In the early stages, you can grab the heart and dick of a M man with superb blowjobs and handjobs.

Dirty words that make use of binaural are added to this and the degree of excitement increases several times.

In the second half, she changes her posture from woman on top to missionary position, and at the end she shoots with a seed press.

Besides playing, Kurea Hasumi’s ass is a point of interest.

The beautiful buttocks approaching with face sitting is the best reward.

Recommended for those who want to be blamed earnestly!

Kurea Hasumi VR recommendation 6th place

VR title: Technology that makes you squid with just your nipples

A VR work where you can receive thorough nipple torture by Kurea Hasumi.

Without changing the expression so much, he will play around with dirty words.

And nipple torture and erotic word torture that gradually escalate.

While pinching and chewing, it will make you squid many times with only the nipple.

This work has plenty of highlights including insertion and mouth launch.

It would have been great if it was linked with the nipple toy “U.F.O.SA”.

It is a highly recommended content for those who usually do chickney!

For those who like nipple torture works, the following page that summarizes nipple VR works is also recommended.

Kurea Hasumi VR recommendation 7th place

VR title: Can you withstand the woman on top posture in Kurea Hasumi’s ceiling-specific angle?

A VR work where you can experience Kurea Hasumi’s erotic woman on top posture.

Because it is a ceiling-specific angle, it has a high sense of presence and immersion.

In the caressing while managing the first ejaculation, the impatient technique is the highlight.

And after that, stake driving and grind will move to the exquisite woman on top posture.

I can’t stand it anymore… I’m also proficient in people who blame me in the back and missionary position.

At the end it becomes unbearable and it will be a vaginal cum shot finish as it is.

If you like the cowgirl position, this is a must-see!

Kurea Hasumi VR recommendation 8th place

VR Title: Brain Breaking ∞ Climax Hell Absolutely Fixed ROOM With Obscene Whispering Voice Claire Hasumi

A VR work that makes you want to call Claire Hasumi “sama”.

Numerous plays that are particular about letting you pull out will be unfolded.

The first part repeats the size stop, and in the remaining two, the sperm is squeezed out by sex.

In particular, the woman on top posture in the middle stage adds nipple torture and is worth seeing.

There are 3 times of vaginal cum shot and it is fulfilling.

For those who are de M, we recommend chapter 1 of dimension stop hell.

Anyway, if you want to keep pulling out, let’s keep squeezing throughout the whole story!

Kurea Hasumi VR recommendation 9th place

VR Title: Ceiling Specialized Angle VR ~Most Dangerous Combi~

A VR with the content of sending a slut from the future as a countermeasure against the declining birthrate.

The strongest sluts Kurea Hasumi and Tsubasa Hachino were chosen.

Two people appeared while doing VR masturbation, suddenly slut play started.

You can be blamed while lying on your back with a special ceiling angle.

Slut play against the declining birthrate that can be continued without time for a dick to rest.

The last will be the finish with vaginal cum shot.

The two sluts are in perfect harmony and the synergistic effect is enormous!

It is a recommended work for those who want to pull out in 3P.

Kurea Hasumi VR recommendation 10th place

VR Title: Infinite Affair With The Best Married Woman I Met At A BAR

A VR work where you can experience an affair with Kurea Hasumi, whom you met at a bar.

If a married woman with such an erotic appearance is drinking alone, you will want to talk to her.

Mr. Kurea Hasumi who has been tempted since he was already in the bar.

She starts playing slut as soon as she goes to the hotel.

The plot is average, but she draws you in with her amazing acting skills.

Pile driving woman on top posture that explodes frustration!

She is made to ejaculate many times and finally receives it with a firm vaginal cum shot.