New Japanese Pornstar Recommended ranking Limited in2024

A new AV actress who debuted in 2022, and the popular and recommended rankings are as follows.

From here, we will review each actress and work in detail by genre.

In addition, although we have summarized the “2022 debut group” here, you can find many “semi-newcomer” AV actresses who made their debut in 2021 and are even better.

These quasi-new actresses are introduced in the article “Recommended AV Actress Ranking”, so be sure to check them out as well!

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New Japanese Pornstar Recommended ranking in2022 rank10 Natsu Igarashi

Neat and clean beauty of the morning drama series
Natsu Igarashi is a beautiful rookie actress who is attractive with a super neat and serious look like the heroine of a morning drama.

As you can see, she has a super simple hairstyle with long black straight hair tied with a single black rubber band, and a simple white top that looks like “Asadora itself”.

Even if she takes off her clothes, it’s still a morning drama. Her hairstyle is probably a big influence, but perhaps because she is from Kyoto, her face gives the impression of a Japanese-style beauty.

As you can see from her body, she has an outstanding style and a smooth and beautiful body. Such a neat and serious beauty is dressed in a nasty yellow bikini and sucking a man’s cock. Her face is very exciting!

It is irresistible to play dirty with thick cloudy semen on the face of a sweet potato-like neat beauty who does not know dirt!
Even in a scene involving an actor like this, there is a cute atmosphere of a simple 17-year-old girl who got married from the countryside in the morning drama. There is no doubt that you will be excited to play such a cute and naive woman’s waist firmly and hit the cock violently!

In this way, she puts on her high heels, shifts her white lace panties, and inserts a vibrator into her exposed vagina.

Natsu Igarashi is a promising new AV actress who will turn into a modern beauty when she lets her hair down like this, and will continue to play an active role in all kinds of roles!

New Japanese Pornstar Recommended ranking in2022 rank9 Suzu Aiho

A beautiful girl with huge breasts who looks just like a certain famous actress
Suzu Aiho (Akane Suzu) is a new actress who has gained popularity since her debut, with a beautiful face that looks exactly like a certain famous actress.
With the name “Suzu” and this face and this hairstyle, everyone will associate that actress.
In the video, you can see a titty fuck with G cup marshmallow big breasts, but this face is exactly that actress itself. It’s not strange that some people think, “Isn’t it Kora?”
If you imagine a situation where such a famous actress sucks your cock with her beautiful face, there will be a lot of people who will fall out!
The beautiful big breasts of G cups are very cute with pink nipples like this, and the impression is that they are “beautiful girls up to the nipples”. It is irresistible to rub the beautiful breasts of Mochimochi with lotion and rub it!
When you smile, you will look like a different person from a certain actress. However, there are many people who feel that “Aiho-san is cuter here”. Her skin is fair and smooth, her pubic hair is neatly groomed, and she has an ideal body.
If you like big breasts, you must see the scene where the cock is inserted from the back into such an ideal body and the breasts are massaged as desired!
She is a rookie actress who is sure to grow in popularity in the future, as she has characteristics that are popular with everyone, such as beautiful women, beautiful girls, and big breasts!

New Japanese Pornstar Recommended ranking in2022 rank8 Yuuri Adachi

loli face busty beautiful girl
Yuuri Adachi is a beautiful girl actress who is attractive for her “loli busty figure” with a small body of 152 cm and G cup big breasts.
She shows all kinds of play with unbalanced big breasts that don’t suit this loli face and short stature.
The fucking and fellatio are performed as a matter of course. In the fellatio, it will be firmly added to the back in a drooling state.
In her deep kiss, she puts out her tongue and makes love with her uncle while wearing a hoodie that looks like a modern college girl.
Yuuri’s plain clothes change many times like this in the video, but this emphasizes the feeling of having sex with a real female college student, and is the point where JD lovers and clothing fetish come out!
It doesn’t suit the face of a pure and beautiful girl, and she has a sensitive constitution that can’t stop climaxing once she gets it.
She is a beautiful newcomer AV actress who is expected to make you think “I wish I had such a girlfriend”, including the fashion and cuteness of her plain clothes that change one after another like a fashion show!

New Japanese Pornstar Recommended ranking in2022 rank7 Yotsuha Kominato

Former major dance & vocal group member
Yotsuha Kominato is a former member of a dance and vocal group and is the strongest newcomer in 2022.
This group is not a common “local idol” but a “big group”.
A group created by a national female artist from Okinawa, who is known by all Japanese people, and a major production company that swept the 90’s with a certain idol group, as “a world-class talented group that can compete overseas”. was.
The group was disbanded after being unable to work due to Corona, and Kominato decided to debut as an AV actress two years after retiring.
Because she is a very large newcomer, there is no hard entanglement like in ordinary AV, and it is an elegant content similar to an image video, such as first undressing and first masturbation.
However, in this limited edition of FANZA, you can see rich sex at the hotel in all kinds of play such as blowjobs and cowgirl positions.
She is a rookie actress who is highly recommended for men who want to see AV with real idols rather than the content of the play itself!

New Japanese Pornstar Recommended ranking in2022 rank6 Moeka Marui

Former child actor / beautiful girl idol
Moeka Marui is a newcomer AV actress who used to be a child actress and former idol. As you can see, she has a beautiful face and is rated as having a particularly high level of looks among the “former idol” AV actresses!
Not only is her face cute, but her style is also outstanding, such as slightly small breasts and a smooth and fair body. Her man hair can be seen through her pretty pants with pure white and frilly lace, which is very disgusting.
There is no doubt that the play that makes such a pure beautiful girl idol face dirty with cloudy semen facial cumshots is definitely exciting!
Also, as the title says, “Don’t be deceived by her neat appearance!” It is also recommended for M men who like to be licked!
No matter where you look at the video, you still have the impression of “overwhelming beautiful girl”. For those who say, “I just like beautiful girls” and “I want to be a real and cute former idol”, this new AV actress is highly recommended!

New Japanese Pornstar Recommended ranking in2022 rank5 Sengoku Monaka

Former underground idol
Monaka Sengoku is a new actress who was active as a former underground idol.
She is a beautiful girl actress who is attractive with such an idol-like refreshing cuteness!
Because she is from an underground idol, she has a unique cuteness in uniform that is different from natural JK. In particular, double teeth are a charm point, and men who say “I like beautiful girls with double teeth” will strike!
In this work, you can enjoy deep kissing with Monaka, who has such a beautiful girl face, and this transparent beauty is unique to former idols.
Boobs are moderately big like this, and both nipples and areolas are beautiful pink and cute best size.
Former idols are still wearing uniforms, and the appearance of exposing the folds inside the pussy and the pink vaginal opening by shifting the pants in this way will ejaculate without any stimulation if you are a fan. you’ll end up
In this way, the blowjob face is also a beautiful girl, and the production as an idol who smiles and sucks while making peace is also an exciting point.
Among the idols, she is a rookie AV actress who is especially recommended for those who are attracted to the “friendliness and cuteness” unique to underground idols!

New Japanese Pornstar Recommended ranking in2022 rank4 Saki Shinkai

Former Japanese national swimming team and current Japanese record holder
Saki Shinkai is a former representative of Japan in competitive swimming, and is an outrageous “genuine athlete” who won two individual medley crowns at the Junior World Championships.
If you search for her real name “Miku Ko*”, you can see articles about her achievements in world competitions and interviews. is not broken.
Her charm lies in her toned body and perfectly fitted competition swimsuit. Ordinary AV actresses in competitive swimsuits are also good, but the sight of athletes who have won world championships in their swimsuits makes me feel divine.
You can see that Mr. Shinkai is a serious athlete not only in the swimming scene but also in the muscle training scene. When it comes to swimming, it’s hard for laymen to understand “how fast she is”, but you can see at a glance that she is “clearly not an ordinary person” in lifting dumbbells and barbells.
She has such a thoroughly trained body, but of course she has almost no experience with men.
In the case of ordinary AV actresses, there are many people who doubt whether it is true even if they say that they have almost no experience with men. However, in Shinkai’s case, considering the difficulty of her competitive life, everyone should believe it (actually, it’s true).
Such a former athlete’s scene of “moving her swimsuit and inserting it in the pool” has a different “weight” from other actresses. There are various things to think about this part, and some men may say that it is difficult to pull out.
However, in terms of being an “actress with a real presence,” she has overwhelming power. If you’re a muscle fetish/competitive swimsuit fetish, you’re a must-see rookie AV actress!

New Japanese Pornstar Recommended ranking in2022 rank3 Gabi Mitake

Marcia Professional Fighter (Mixed Martial Arts)
Marcia Gabi Mitake is a professional MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter.
You can tell that she is a serious fighter by her high-speed punches on her mitts in the early stages, and straights that shake a large sandbag violently. With erotic costumes at this point, people who are overtaken by fighting game heroines will ejaculate as soon as possible.
She shows off one play after another that can only be done with her well-trained body, such as “Corkscrew Fellatio” from the bridge position.
Although she mainly does kickboxing, she is also a blue belt in judo, and shows off the ground technique that tightens her neck with her thighs like this. You don’t have to be a masochist to try this ground technique (it smells so good).
Even in this scene where she lifts the barbell and fucks her, you can see that her muscles are real. Combined with erotic bondage lingerie, there is no doubt that muscle fetishes will come off.
There are many scenes of de M coveted, such as a scene where the face is kicked with boots over the neck like this, not only for fighters. Unlike ordinary actresses, the fact that she is “an opponent who can’t win even if she seriously resists” will make M-boys even more excited.
On the other hand, scenes like this where a strong female fighter is held down by a group of men, pierced with a cock, and forced to give a blow job with her boobs exposed is very exciting.
Like this, there are many people who lose their obedient expression when they are being fucked from the back due to the gap between when they are blaming a man. If you like M men, muscle fetishes, and female heroines in fighting games, this new AV actress is a must-see!

New Japanese Pornstar Recommended ranking in2022 rank2 Nanamura Ruka

Basketball former under-strengthening player
Ruka Nanamura is a famous athlete who has won the national championship in the basketball club of a famous university that everyone knows, and has won the overall No. 1 (MVP) as an individual.
If you search for her real name, you will find hits such as interview articles from her college days, articles reporting on trends in sports magazines, and profile pages of W-League teams.
In this debut work of her, if you like sports girls and club activities AV, you will definitely be excited by raping such a serious basketball player Nanamura in a basketball uniform!
The embarrassing sexual harassment scene often seen in erotic comics, where you’re forced to practice shooting while rubbing your breasts while naked, is a real athlete, and the reality is different!
A deep kiss with a beautiful sports woman who has been in sports for many years and has little experience with men is the best! The thick upper arms that are muscular rather than fat are also points that fetishes can be particularly excited about.
Double fellatio, handjob, and masturbation while wearing an all-Japan style uniform are irresistible.
There is no doubt that the scene where her mouth pussy is fucked at the same time while her vagina, which is well tightened by her well-trained leg muscles, is exhausted!
She is the most recommended rookie actress for men with fetishes such as sports girls, women’s basketball clubs, and muscles!

New Japanese Pornstar Recommended ranking in2022 rank1 Unpai

A charismatic influencer with big breasts
As many people already know, Unpai is a charismatic influencer who is popular for her TikTok videos that make use of her big breasts.
TikTok boasts overwhelming popularity as an onapet sex symbol for male junior high and high school students with costumes that show off cleavage like this.
This work allows you to enjoy the beauty and big breasts of such Unpai-san more than TikTok.
You can thoroughly enjoy the beautiful pink nipples, slightly larger areolas, and slightly depressed right nipples.
Of course, there is also a fucking scene with big breasts and a cock, and if you are a man who is pulling out with a female influencer on a daily basis, or a big tits / fucking fetish, it is a must-see video & rookie AV actress!