Saika Kawakita VR porn Ranking

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This time, we will introduce recommended VR and 2D works of top Japanese Pornstar Saika Kawakita.

She debuted like a comet in 2018 and quickly became the most popular actress.

The secret to her popularity is that she is 169cm tall, but she has outstanding proportions and a beauty that surpasses idols.

She gets so excited just by seeing such a cute girl naked, but she even has sex, so there’s no reason why she won’t be popular.

This time, we will thoroughly dissect the charm of Saika Kawakita-chan.

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Profile of Saika Kawakita

Saika Kawakita, who debuted from s1 in April 2018, suddenly won the first place in the AV sales ranking with her debut work.

The secret to her popularity is that despite her height of 169 cm and outstanding proportions, she has a well-groomed face like that of an idol.

Until now, she has broken the notion that tall height = difficulty in gaining popularity, and has further expanded her popularity.

In addition to winning the 1st place in the annual ranking of her FANZA video video 2018, 3 of her works made a great achievement in the top 10.

And her popularity skyrocketed

It is the first time in 2019 that the following year will not decline, and it will win two awards in the video and rental categories at the FANZA Adult Awards 2019.

It’s natural to say that it’s natural because the beautiful girl so far has a hard entanglement.

However, in March of the same year, her release stopped, and in October, she announced her retirement, and fans expressed regret.

Electric shock revival with blank in 2021

She announced her comeback as an AV actress in June 2021, and her comeback work was introduced as her best-selling work in 2021. Since then, various media have swept the best actress award and the AV actress ranking first place.

Saika Kawakita VR Ranking No.6

Title: Let’s live together in VR with Saika Kawakita!

It is a VR where you can live a dream cohabitation life with Saika Kawakita.

Enjoy flirting with Saika Kawakita who has been spoiled from the opening.

She can be happy, angry, and enjoy a variety of facial expressions.

It’s a poor setting, but when you enter ecchi mode, it will cry in a cute voice.

You can fully monopolize 113 minutes, and you can feel the real face you have never seen before.

Saika Kawakita VR Ranking No.5

Title / Saika Kawakita will heal you with lots of kisses

This is the second VR chapter of the legendary beautiful girl ‘Saika Kawakita’.

This time, you can enjoy a rich kiss with Saika Kawakita in a work that specializes in kissing.

Her brain goes crazy with a parade of kisses such as French kisses, slow kisses, and deep kisses.

There is no doubt that she will be healed with just a fierce kiss from a close distance.

Saika Kawakita VR Ranking No.4

Title / VR NO.1 STYLE Saika Kawakita Unveiled

This is the VR debut work of Saika Kawakita, who returned to her legend in 2021.

You can enjoy the best class beautiful girl in VR.

Her excitement increases just by approaching, and the excitement does not stop when she is staring at her.

All corners are shot with bright lighting, and the image quality is satisfactory.

Saika Kawakita VR Ranking No.3

Title / 3 exciting immersive situations where Saika Kawakita is seduced

It is a VR with a luxurious setting that seduces you in three situations: a senior at the company, a bartender, and a gym trainer.

God development that Saika Kawakita tempts at the same time as the two of us are alone.

Chiralism that does not suddenly become naked invites excitement frustratingly.

An erection is inevitable just by being stared at at close range or whispered in your ear.

At the end, you can enjoy intense SEX in the excitement that someone may come.

Saika Kawakita VR Ranking No.2

Title: You are just sleeping. 3 ceiling-specific situations where Saika Kawakita is approaching

She is a VR that Saika Kawakita pulls out just by sleeping.

You can enjoy 3 situations of nurse, girlfriend, and men’s.

Especially recommended is the men’s esthetic chapter.

Her uniform is too beautiful, and the process of gradually taking it off is also exciting.

If you like beautiful girls like Saika Kawakita, you won’t be disappointed with this purchase.

Saika Kawakita VR Ranking No.1

Title Welcome To All 5-Star Ultra-Luxury Sex Mansion Welcomed By The Legendary Beautiful Girl ‘Saika Kawakita’

Saika Kawakita becomes a prostitute and heals her heart and dick in VR.

Soap / Deriheru Pinsaro Menesu can be enjoyed with this one.

The opening of a customs tour where you can enjoy the best time with a super cute face and a beautiful body.

If you have this VR, you don’t have to go to the actual store.

Let Saika Kawakita-chan comfort you on the day you hit the wrong girl in real life.