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Japanese Teen Pornstar ranking No.10 Yuzu Futaba

Yuzu Futaba, who has been on the site “Bijin Tokei”, a site that summarizes the beauty of that region. This is also an 18-year-old girl as of May 31, 2019. It seems that there are a lot of things I want to do because I am in AV, and from her debut work, suddenly 7 shots of the actor’s sperm are swallowed. Yuzu Futaba, who has a strong libido instead of a halo, asks her uncle to play toys, and finally she asks for a raw cock and cums inside! Yuzu Futaba who is full of curiosity full of things she wants to do such as 3P, orgy and anal.

It was a debut work that gives a glimpse of her slutty!

She has a bright smile and a cute smile. It’s cute at the level of coming, and the chest is big and the shape is good, but the character is decided from the self-made work that doesn’t leave much of an impression, and it seems that it will go to a rather radical route, so I give it 5 stars with high expectations.

Japanese Teen Pornstar ranking No.9 Hikaru Shono

Hikaru Ikuno, an 18-year-old female college student who has just moved to Tokyo from Aomori, is finally making her AV debut.

Hikaru Ikuno’s features are her boobs. She has huge breasts with Hcup. Her slightly ugly condition is just right.

It is said that she has only had one sex experience so far, but in her work, she wears a uniform that she just took off and tightens the actor’s cock with a shaved pussy. to raise. A rookie AV actress with a 100 cm H cup who is surprised to hear it is here!

She is also tall at 160 cm, so she shows off quite voluptuous sex.

AV debut work of H-cup busty female college student “Ikuno Hikaru”. She is 18 years old from Aomori. She moved to Tokyo when she went to university, and it is her “future dream” to run her cafe. Decided to make an AV debut to earn money for her opening. She has H-cup Holstein milk that is out of proportion to her pure Japanese face. In her memorable first performance, she makes use of the sex experience of “50 times (not 50 people)” to worship Guinguin’s woman on top posture. In her middle stage, she challenges Gonzo FUCK with a single thread. After making her highlight with a slimy lotion fucking that can be called “iron plate erotic”, she experiences “3P” for the first time in a tiny micro bikini. She makes the user’s crotch hot with an obscene figure with 90% of her milk and meat sticking out. Her classic debut work (newcomer with big breasts) who says, “There’s no way she can’t be erotic” if you pour plenty of lotion on her. Boobs forged by the severe cold of Tohoku are truly premium gems that can be called “natural monuments”.

Japanese Teen Pornstar ranking No.8 Risa Arimura

On March 30, 2000, an 18-year-old girl made her debut!

Her name is Risa Arimura.

She is Ecup, shaved and petite at 149cm tall. She is an actress who has a baby-faced loli and big breasts.

The number of people she has experienced is 3, and her debut is only a few. She appears in AV only to earn school expenses.

Even if you say that she is divisive, if you look at her work, you will understand the naughty personality.

Anyway, it’s all about freshness, and it’s a must-see sex full of sexuality that can only be seen here.

She is especially recommended for those who like documentary AV that goes beyond AV.

Anyway, her face is beautiful and I can enjoy the interview. When I take off her clothes, I get excited about the beautiful breasts of the E cup. And what a mole found under her left breast! Wow this mole is too sexy

Japanese Teen Pornstar ranking No.7 Mari Kagami

A girl who just became a college student in the spring of 2019 made her debut!

Her name is Mari Kagami. She is an 18-year-old girl from Chiba prefecture.

She thought, “She wants to fix her dark personality…” and debuted as an AV actress on TV.

She has the best body. She has bristles that have not been groomed, and a body with a preeminent style that reveals abs.

The appearance that she feels while being nervous is the best.

I haven’t seen her debut work, but I was able to watch it without skipping a chapter for the first time in a long time with Mr. Motonaka’s work. The potential of the actress is perfect! However, this time the camera work and the actor are doing a nice job. “Usapyon” is pretty good among the director’s works! There’s also A*Lup. Actress Mari Kagami has a nice expression. She has a f*cking gaze and a reproached expression. The first time, except for the medium stock at the woman on top posture. The second time, man fart from the rotor. It’s medium. The last is Simiken’s A○ru licking. Nakadashi Mari-chan, A*Rupakuri is good. Is A*ru’s work her debut coming soon? Afterwards, it would be nice to do a little grooming to her lower hair.

Japanese Teen Pornstar ranking No.6 Ruka Aiba

Born on January 8, 2000, I am Ruka Inaba, a 19-year-old girl. She has the best potential and has a slender 160cm Hcup and her strongest body.

Her previous job was an Akiba-kei idol, and she loves dancing. Her number of experiences is as small as 2, but she seems to love sex, and in her work she shows a raw and erotic appearance as she says. Her active idol, Ruka Inaba, dances while shaking her H cup, and her debut work is erotic.

Her dance in the image is cute. Even if she’s not a real idol, the fact that she’s doing this kind of idol dance with all her might is a plus. This may have something to do with her healthy figure. It’s a bit off topic, but I also liked how she tried her best to look into the other person’s eyes while she was erotic. It’s also cute that she sometimes has a dumbfounded look on her face. she likes Her personality looks good and her style is good, so there is nothing to complain about as a debut work. I want her to play an active role while maintaining her figure without losing weight.

Japanese Teen Pornstar ranking No.5 Mina Hanasaki

Her debut work “Her first work, girls ◯ raw until 3 minutes ago! ] has been featured in daily sports, Hanasaki Mina-chan. She is 154cm tall and petite, but she has Hcup potential.

As soon as she received her diploma and finished singing Firefly Light!

She is a beautiful girl who headed for the AV shooting studio at full speed.

Here is the debut work of such a neat bitch H cup, Mina Hanamisaki.

Japanese Teen Pornstar ranking No.4 Mana Hirate

The number of experienced people is 1, 18 years old (as of May 2019) born on March 14, 2000, Yuki Nao-chan will debut. She is still growing so much that she feels her growing pains, but her body is E cup and slender with a height of 160 cm and the best potential.

She also has a completely hairless natural shaved pussy.

The shyness that seems to be her debut work is also erotic!

In her work, the best scene is that she is confused about sex and actors’ entanglement, but she works hard and feels it. Here is the debut work where the pure Yuki Nao-chan shows off her firm E-cup breasts and shaved pussy for the first time.

Japanese Teen Pornstar ranking No.3 Rena Kondo

You who love cunnilingus! How about the teenage actress Karen Tatsunami?

Karen Tatsunami is an 18-year-old college student. She was a high school girl until just recently, but she still loves cunnilingus so much that she imagines herself being licked when she masturbates. Although she is an 18-year-old beautiful girl, Tatsunami Karen is already addicted to the feeling of insertion.

Such a girl without acting! ?

Here is her debut work full of her first experience with her really pleasant expression and voice.

She is not only erotic, but also a new AV actress who is expected to be cute.
It is also a must-see work for men with cunnilingus fetish.

Japanese Teen Pornstar ranking No.2 Noa Tachibana

As of May 2019, Noa Tachibana is 19 years old. She has been thinking about appearing in AV since she was a school girl. She goes on to college, but she drops out and decides to go into AV again.

What a climax in her first work too much and tears ….

She is slender and has a shaved pussy, and it is irresistible to see her cum in her uniform. Every scene is very exciting with all the works that are curious about naughty things, friendly smiles and still freshness. It is a must-see figure that is climaxing with shaved bread.

It seems that he had a strong determination that “I have nothing but eroticism”.

Japanese Teen Pornstar ranking No.1 Nozomi Ishihara

yes i was waiting

Transcendent beauty! ! cute.

It seems to be a topic that it resembles Ikeda Eliza. By the way, I like Satomi Ishihara. Nozomi Ishihara debuted on June 1, 2020 from MOODYZ, the same as famous AV actresses such as Shoko Takahashi, Mia Nanasawa, and JULIA!

Twitter, which just started in May, has already exceeded 50,000 followers and is growing exponentially. Since my birthday is in July, I think I’ll be 20 years old soon, but I like me and I want many people to know about me, so I’ll put it in this article for a while! smile