Thick Japanese Pornstar Ranking [Latest in 2024]

I tried to summarize the AV actresses who are Thick and have erotic body types in ranking format!

 So Steamy it’s NSFW! 

Uncensored Japanese VR Porn Ranking!

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Thick Japanese Pornstar Ranking No.1 Yuri Honma

A Thick human bullet weapon, a Thick erotic incarnation… Ms. Yuri Honma, who has a body that is so erotic that I don’t know how to express it. She has big boobs and a small waist, so some people may say she doesn’t fit into the Thick genre, but anyone can feel the urge to be buried under her undergarment. I would admit it.

Since she has a neat face, she can also play like a slut, so there are many AV situations where she attacks M men with a bewitching body.

Yuri Honma’s recommended Thick VR erotic videos

It is very obscene to hide the Thick body with “that sweater” but only the breasts are custom-made. It is a Thick VR erotic video that you can enjoy clothed play. After all, Yuri is a good match for sluts, and cowgirl fuck while being coldly looked down on is inevitable. There is no doubt that any M man will ejaculate in less than a minute. By the way, personally, it is a bit disappointing point that I wanted you to push out the big butt more all over. However, it is a work that you can enjoy Yuri’s plump body as much as you can!